About Us

After learning at the best business school in the world, spending over a year at the largest consulting firm in the world, and helping a tech company reach a $1 billion dollar valuation, it's time for me to use my skills on that has the potential to change everything.

In this modern age, it's extremely difficult for a creative business to survive and thrive. Too much of our societal focus rests on productivity, the industrial economy, and the knowledge economy that supports that. While creativity is baked into a lot more work, it's place is still very limited and confined. What about creative businesses? What about creative people? What about the artists who don't fit the mold of a modern knowledge or industrial worker? Is there destiny to scrape by unless they're one of the lucky few that actually make it? I fundamentally believe there is a better way.

My goal with Creative.Tech is to empower creative businesses and artists with great technology that will let them thrive. This is purposefully open-ended. I imagine a lot of my focus will go towards building apps and products that allow artists and creative businesses to more consistently generate an income. By empowering creative businesses and artists with consistent income, they will produce at their best.

This group is one that should be harnessed, not marginalized, and our entire society will be more creative because of it. That's my goal, if you're interested in collaborating or working together, let's chat!

Creative.Tech Founder,
Taylor Diem