App Development

We can build custom apps from the ground up, enabling smoother operations and customer experiences.

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Business Owners

Have you tried all the technology solutions out there and none fit your exact needs?

Do you run a complex operation or need many inputs to get your work completed?

By unlocking a smoother less manual operation, do you think you can grow faster?

If the answer is YES to any of the above questions, keep reading.

Our Process

We partner with our clients, offering fully customized app development, all within their budget.

High Fidelity Mockups

At the beginning, we spend a lot of time understanding your underling business needs and we evaluate what technologies are needed to accomplish these. The more we understand at the beginning, the less work it will be over the long run.

Proof of Concept

Once we feel solid about the scope, we start building, most apps only take 2 weeks to get up and running, that means we can start implementing alongside building so we get the highest quality feedback as quickly as possible.

Go Live & Iterations

Once we are live, we continue to iterate, build new features, fix bugs, and enhance infrastructure to meet your business needs. We will work with you over the long run to make sure your app is running smoothly and cost efficiently.


I've worked tirelessly throughout my career to improve businesses with technology, I'll bring that hard-earned expertise to your business.

Professional Background

After graduating from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Operations & Information management, I spent a year and a half doing consulting for the largest technology consulting firm in the world, Deloitte.

After Deloitte, I spent 5 years helping grow a Logistics technology company (FourKites) from 30 to 600 people and revenues grow over 10x. At FourKites, my role was to lead a global team that used technology to improve the business. We worked with every function, implemented tools and built our own, and most importantly, we empowered people with technology.

While working at FourKites, I invested my time outside of work in Chicago's creative spaces. From starting a Dance Studio in Humboldt Park, working with Mural Artists, to helping local musicians get exposure with Spotify, I grew to love working in creative spaces with creative people.

In working with artists and creative business, I noticed they don't have access to the most advanced tools that larger companies have access to, and it holds these companies back. I have made it my mission to help solve this technology gap for creative businesses!

App Development Expertise

We've built apps for a wide variety of use cases with a wide variety of requirements. Here are some highlights.

Back-End Development

On the back-end of the app, everything we build will be in the cloud, making your app affordable and easily maintainable.

Python (Flask Web Framework)

Postgres Database

Cloud Hosted Servers

Front-End Development

On the front-end side of the app, we use popular front-end frameworks that provide a uniform and clean look and feel.



Bootstrap 5

Project Implementation

Just as important as the technology is how your team will use it, we work closely with the entire team to make sure everyone is bought in.

Project Planning

Bug & Feature Request Process

Video Training & Documentation

Let's Chat

Let's get the conversation started and create something great together! You can also email to schedule a time.