Technology Advisory

We learn about the technology you currently use, suggest areas for improvement, and help you drive growth in your business.

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Business Owners

What's your biggest goal for your business this year? Can technology help?

Do you have manual work on the computer that you don't enjoy doing?

Do you think you can operate your business more efficiently with technology?

If the answer is YES to any of the above questions, keep reading.

Our Solution

We partner with our clients, offering short-term help, all within their budget.

Technology Evaluation

We work with you to deep dive all the digital tools you are using in your business, how expensive they are, and how they currently work together. Our first step will always be seeing what your current landscape looks like.

Technology Improvement

Once we have a firm understanding of what technologies you use, we then deep dive to understand where they can be improved or replaced. You may have a goal of cost reduction, sales growth, or operational efficiency. We will work to make sure the technologies you use align with your goals.

Work Automation

Once we improve your tools, we find out what we can automate using no-code tools. We can automate customer emails, vendor emails, reports, data, processes, and workflows. Once we complete this you will be doing less manual work and more of the work you enjoy!


I've worked tirelessly throughout my career to improve businesses with technology, I'll bring that hard-earned expertise to your business.

Professional Background

After graduating from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Operations & Information management, I spent a year and a half doing consulting for the largest technology consulting firm in the world, Deloitte.

After Deloitte, I spent 5 years helping grow a Logistics technology company (FourKites) from 30 to 600 people and revenues grow over 10x. At FourKites, my role was to lead a global team that used technology to improve the business. We worked with every function, implemented tools and built our own, and most importantly, we empowered people with technology.

While working at FourKites, I invested my time outside of work in Chicago's creative spaces. From starting a Dance Studio in Humboldt Park, working with Mural Artists, to helping local musicians get exposure with Spotify, I grew to love working in creative spaces with creative people.

In working with artists and creative business, I noticed they don't have access to the most advanced tools that larger companies have access to, and it holds these companies back. I have made it my mission to help solve this technology gap for creative businesses!

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